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Funny love affair with Amber.... Am I your first lover? and she'd said, Could be. Your face looks familiar.

I am currently studying Transilvania University Brasov foreign languages. You can tell I come from a well-to-do family, while I have spent the last few years broadening my knowledge and language skills, including extended stays in Norway, Germany. I am a wonderful and profound conversation partner – shallowness is not my thing. You can talk to me about practically anything. I adore music and likes to create a “HOT” but chilled and relaxed atmosphere.I have a collection of high fashion nasty lingerie and teasing high heels. I am emotion pure – what motivates me is adventure. Spending time with me feels mysterious and dangerous, but sexy, too! I am a fairy who wants to make people happy.

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" I have a pleasant time also as a private guide for the region. I am popular, friendly, being with me leaves you the feeling you are with an old friend..I am open to listen to your issues, also I am able to remove your doubts and make you feel the most relaxed moments...

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We can meet anywhere .... in any resort or location.....I prefer in my location as well. You need to notify me day time....or 4 hours before. We can meet in restaurants, ski places, swimming pools, pubs s.o.......I have very little rules , I count on the good behaviour each of us posses. I am a pleasant companion anywhere.

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